Domina gesucht: „How To Master A Millionaire“, eine Erotic Romance von Talia Hunter

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How To Master A Millionaire

Erotic Romance von Talia Hunter

He’s not actually submissive. She’s not really a dominatrix. What roles will they play in a game of love?

„Max is shopping for a dominatrix, who would spend 5 days, and 5 nights in a secluded house with him, and teach him to act submissive for this next role. Alley doesn’t know anything about being dominating or about having kinky sex, but the money is really tight …“ (Leser) – „… a funny, touching and smoking hot story that made me laugh and cry and want to take cold showers, sometimes all at the same time …“ (Leser) (41 Rezensionen / 4,8 Sterne) (174 Seiten)

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