Licht und Dunkelheit: „Eluded“, ein Dark Erotic Thriller von Lyra Parish


Dark Erotic Thriller von Lyra Parish

Some people call me an uncontrollable monster. I laugh at the mention of the word. Monsters have no control. I’ve got plenty. I don’t kill without reason …

„This book is very dark and there are a lot of things that happen within in its pages. You have murder, rape, lust, drugs, violence, sex, lies, and betrayal and so much more …“ (Leserin) „There is more to this than the darkness, there is also the light. So yes, I loved it and I recommend it to anyone who can stand some of the darkness that comes before the light sometimes.“ (Leserin) (78 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne) (335 Seiten)

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