Süß und bitter: „Beneath Your Beauty“, eine Erotic Romance von Alexa Keith

Beneath Your Beauty

Erotic Romance von Alexa Keith

She’s the timid baker. He’s the sex god of porn. See how their lives unfold when they’re brought together …

„It’s definitely a sweet, „feel good“ book, but the path is not always easy. There is sadness, anger, lust, passion and humor on the path that is not straight and narrow, but curvy and twisting. One minute you are smiling, the next minute you are angry. …“ (Leser) „If you are looking for porn, you will be disappointed. While the sex is scorching hot, it is not the primary focus …“ (Leser) (37 Rezensionen / 4,8 Sterne) (238 Seiten, abgeschlossene Story)

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