Von A bis Z: „The Alphabet Game“, eine Erotic Romance von Andie M. Long

The Alphabet Game

Erotic Novel von Andie M. Long

With a thoroughly evil bad guy, secrets, lies, murder, twists, turns, hot sex and love, this is a game not to be missed …

„While working on their plan, Gabe wants to play a „game“ with Stella and introduces her to the pleasure that he can provide, as the pair work their way through the entire alphabet in some rather steamy sex sessions …“ (Leser) „This has good pacing and relatively strong female lead. Despite the fact that it’s chock full of sexy scenes, I think the sex scenes could have been a tad hotter …“ (Leser) (122 Rezensionen / 4,1 Sterne) (393 Seiten, abgeschlossene Story)

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